Police Appeal For Witnesses of Dangerous Police Chase On Monday Evening

A police pursuit of a dangerous driver in the centre of Brno on Monday evening ended with a car crash. After drawing the attention of police with dangerous driving, the driver of a blue Hyundai slammed on the brakes and stopped, before departing again at high speed with police in pursuit. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 9 March (BD) – Despite the heavy evening traffic, the driver ran through several red lights at intersections. When he finally stopped, police intended After stopping at an intersection police wanted to use the opportunity to catch the reckless driver, however the young man behind the wheel stepped on the floor again and sped off. During his risky ride, he drove through the Moravian metropolis at a speed of up to one hundred and twenty kilometres an hour. Not only threatening himself but also other drivers as well the three passengers in his car . 

The whole dramatic event soon ended on Otakar Ševčík Street where the car crashed into a white Škoda. Several people were injured in the accident and had to be taken to the hospital. Although the young man had a negative drug test on the spot, the alcohol test turned out to be the opposite. For the time being, the man is being investigated on suspicion of endangering under the influence of an addictive substance, but at the same time police officers do not rule out that legal qualifications may become even stricter. 

We ask all witnesses who were endangered by the men in Brno around 9 pm on Monday to immediately call the emergency number 158. Police officers also welcome camera recordings from on-board cameras.

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