1,244 Refugees Checked In At The Assistance Centre On Sunday

Since the Assistance Centre for Refugees came into operation a total of 4,516 people have been processed, and 716 have been allocated accommodation. On Sunday, 1,244 refugees were registered at the assistance centre in just 24 hours, with 212 designated accommodation, and 1,147 visas issued. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, 7 March (BD) – Despite the sudden arrival of a larger number of refugees, the registration system at the Assistance Centre is still running smoothly thanks to the newly installed electronic call system. The average waiting time from receiving a serial number to being called to the police registration station was about two hours. The refugees are then distributed evenly throughout the region as needed.

A partial reorganisation of the area has been completed. For the larger influx of Ukrainian refugees, a so-called bypass has been created – a workplace that will speed up the entire check-in procedure. New arrivals will create a mandatory registration with the police, arrange accommodation when they need, and receive the necessary information about when their visa will be ready for collection. The bypass should start working today.

Food is provided for refugees while they are waiting to check-in, as well as baby food, baby supplies and hygiene items. Medical, interpreting and psychological services are available, as well as a children’s corner. The clerical services of an Orthodox priest are now also provided by telephone, and veterinary services for those with pets are provided at the Brno University of Technology, Palackého 1.

Czech Radio has launched an internet stream of Ukrainian Radio. Komerční banka has installed a mobile ATM in the refugee centre, where Ukrainian citizens whose payment cards have the option of withdrawing cash abroad can withdraw Czech crowns. The conversion to the domestic currency will be made at the currently valid exchange rate.

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