South Moravian Region Expands Its Support For Development Of Caravan Sites

The region has increased its support for the development of caravan sites by CZK 1.75 million, to a total of CZK 4.25 million. The new form of the grant program was approved by regional councillors at a meeting last Wednesday, 23 February 2022. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Feb 28 (BD) – More options for RV fans are soon to be set up in the South Moravian Region. According to František Lukl, Deputy Governor for Culture and Tourism, the popularity of this type of recreation in South Moravia has been growing steadily in recent times, even despite the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Overnight stays in a caravan or motorhome allow tourists greater freedom on the road and greater self-sufficiency,” said Lukl. “These visitors generally do not stay long in one area and are more active in terms of visiting places of interest. They also do not usually seek out campsites but prefer caravan sites where they can park safely and, above all, have the caravan serviced. That’s why we decided to reach out to these vacationers and, with the help of the expanded version of the subsidy program, we want to expand the range of caravan parks in South Moravia to a larger number of locations.” He added that the program is primarily aimed at owners of suitable land, i.e. cities and municipalities, as well as operators of campsites and recreational areas.

Compared to the proposal announced last autumn, the program now offers expanded opportunities. For example, the minimum grant amount is CZK 100,000, and the maximum amount an applicant can receive is CZK 300,000 for one caravan park and half a million for two caravan parks (including service technology). The implementation period has also been significantly extended, from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023. The Region will hold a webinar for potential applicants on the announced grant program.

The detailed conditions of the grant program can be found on the South Moravian Region’s grant portal.

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