Brno Transport Company Installs Breathalysers In 15 Buses To Monitor Its Drivers

The Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has had alcohol test devices installed in 15 buses. The aim of the trial project is to increase the number of checks without additional staffing. The event is part of this year’s  DMPB campaign “Brno Safely”. Photo credit: DPMB

Brno, Feb 28 (BD) – The installation of breathalysers is part of the Brno Safely campaign by DMPB. Thanks to this installation, the company can continue checking the alcohol limit of their drivers without needing to add more staff. According to this new process, drivers will not be able to board unless they have passed a breath test with a negative result.

The breathalysers are located in the cabins. Before driving, drivers put on a replaceable mouthpiece, perform a breath test and, after they get the results, they can start the car and drive away if they test negative. The cost of installing one device is CZK 50,000.

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Before driving, drivers perform a breath test, and they can start the car if the result is negative. Photo credit: DPMB

“This year we are focusing on safety issues – whether it’s traffic, drivers, passengers or pedestrians,” explained Miloš Havránek, general manager of DPMB. “As part of the test project, we have equipped 15 buses with breathalyser devices that will not allow drivers to start with negative results. While our drivers are responsible and have not had any detections during preventive service inspections in recent years, we cannot and will not relax. If this technology proves successful, we will consider including this equipment in the tender conditions for new cars,” .

Random checks on drivers are carried out during the day, before the start of the service or even on the day of it, 13,000 checks were carried out last year. In the last seven years, no drivers have tested positive for alcohol while on duty. On two occasions, DPMB staff dealt with so-called residual alcohol before going on duty. “These were insignificant values, yet we could not let the driver go on duty,” said Jan Seitl, Transport Director of DPMB.

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