Rector of Masaryk University Issues Statement On The Situation In Ukraine

Yesterday, February 22nd, the Rector of Masaryk University issued a statement on the situation in Ukraine, expressing concern about the situation and the possible escalation of events. Photo credit: Masaryk University.

Brno, Feb 23 (BD) – In his statement, the rector, Martin Bareš, said that the whole management team of Masaryk University is deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine and the continuing escalation of the situation by the Russian government.

Bareš stated that Masaryk University believes that all independent countries should have the right to decide democratically about their future direction. He argued that a situation where a nation is being prevented from exercising these rights due to coercion, threats or even military force is completely unacceptable, adding that such methods and perspectives have no place in 21st century Europe and must be firmly and drastically rejected.   

Bareš said that Masaryk University has always defended and will continue to defend the principles of freedom, fundamental human and civil rights, democracy and the peaceful resolution of disputes and problems.

The leadership of Masaryk University is ready to support Ukrainian students and academics in this situation, especially in case of further escalation of the situation in Ukraine. The university management are currently debating which forms of support would be most appropriate.

Masaryk University has already offered assistance to Belarusian students and academics in response to the violent repression of citizens who expressed their opposition to the country’s undemocratic elections. Bareš said the university is now prepared to show its solidarity and to offer assistance to the citizens of Ukraine as well.  

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