In Photos: Exhibition Of A New Sculpture At Šilingrák Gallery

Today, February 14th, a new sculpture is being installed at the Šilingrák Gallery to decorate the public space. Every year, a new work of art takes its place at the open-air gallery; this time it is a sculpture created by Pavel Tasovský, entitled “Between Circles”. Photo credit: Sefora S / Brno Daily

Brno, Feb 14 (BD) – A new wood and steel sculpture called “Between Circles” will be exhibited at the Šilingrák Gallery. It was lent to the Brno-Centre city district by Brno native Pavel Tasovský.

“I am very happy to be able to exhibit one of my metal sculptures in the Šilingrák Gallery. The Gallery has already won many fans with its interactive approach to the objects on display, so I am very pleased to be able to present my project here,” said Tasovský, a metalwork artist.  

The work “Between Circles” is a spatial object created by making circular cuts into a square base and lifting them into space. The set of circles encloses an oak sphere in its centre, which symbolises the birth or nest around which the circles move to protect it. 

“It is a metaphor for the birth of something new, fragile and miraculous, but subject to the laws of nature. Birth is a miracle in any form, and it is the object Between the Circles that gives visitors the opportunity to insert their own version of the story into this sculpture, and how they will perceive its symbolism,” added Tasovský.

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The Šilingrák Gallery is a public exhibition space for the works of renowned contemporary artists and students, where visitors can not only see the work on display, but also touch it.

“Art belongs in the public space, whether it is the sculptures in our Šilingrák Gallery or the Asteroid installation on Koblizná. We are planning another surprise for the summer, we would like to revive Římské náměstí. When you visit the city, I recommend you to visit Šilingrovo náměstí, the new sculpture will definitely attract you,” said Vojtěch Mencl, Mayor of the Brno-Centre District.

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