Almost 6,300 Children Born At FN Brno Maternity Facilities in 2021, Up 250 From Previous Year

2021 was an exceptional year for the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) and the Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine in many respects. Almost 6,300 children were born at their facilities, almost 250 more than in 2020. Photo: Bohunice maternity hospital. Credit: FN Brno.

Czech Republic, Jan 26 (BD) – Despite the difficult Covid-19 situation and the frequent changes to anti-epidemic measures, FN Brno managed to continue their goal of improving obstetric care. The number of births in FN Brno facilities in 2021 was higher than in the previous year. 

“Thanks to the continuous work of our teams caring for women before, during and after childbirth, we delivered 6,279 children. There were 143 twins, but no higher multiples were born in our country. There were 3,047 births at Obilni trh, and 3,089 at Bohunice, which is in total 240 births more than in 2020,” reported FN Brno.

The Maternity Hospital is a Department of Brno University Hospital and operates at two sites: Obilní trh (pictured) and Bohunice. Credit: FN Brno.

The hospital has been adjusting its care to the needs of the digital era. The range of educational services for expecting parents was expanded with online courses and online individual consultations, all managed through the reservation system. This was followed by the offer of an individual midwife to accompany and help mothers during labour. 

A new website,, was created, to help expecting parents find all the information they need. The website includes information in English, and even includes “individual English language childbirth consultation with a midwife” and “personal accompaniment for the birth with an English-speaking midwife”.

The maternity hospital does not just deliver babies; their staff can treat and operate on the most complex cases of reproductive medicine, oncogynecology and urogynecology.

Dr. Vít Weinberger, Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at FN Brno. Credit: FN Brno.

In order to finance these developments, the hospital established the Proni Endowment Fund last year.

“A big step will be to start the construction of our new maternity hospital so that we can provide care in spaces that correspond to the 21st century in the Czech Republic,” said Dr. Vít Weinberger, Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at FN Brno. “Without patience, humility, planning, and joint effort, it will not be possible even in 2022. We are pulling together.”

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