Time Out Magazine Rates Brno As Second Best City To Visit In Europe

In a recent article, international travel and culture magazine Time Out rated Brno as the second best city in Europe to visit for a city break. Credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Dec 3 (BD) – Time Out magazine was founded in 1968, and is now an international publication that covers interesting facts and news about tourism and culture in countries around the globe. 

In one of their latest issues, they ranked Brno as the second best city to visit in Europe for a city break, which they define as a quick trip to a foreign city to explore, have a coffee and be spontaneous. They cite some of the city’s most well-known attractions, such as Špilberk Castle, the 10-Z nuclear bunker and the ‘Denis’ Bomb shelter under the cathedral. 

However, tourist attractions were not the only thing that attracted the writers to Brno. The social and culinary scene also caught their eye. They rightly mentioned Brno’s diverse gastronomic experience, from the modern temporary food and drinks at Element to the unique standing pub Výčep Na Stojáka.  

Finally, they mentioned the Brno Industrial project, which will see many of the old industrial buildings opened for public viewing from 2021 onwards. The project includes guided tours of old industrial areas and buildings, and lectures and events such as the Days of European Heritage. 

Although it is impossible to condense all of the things one can see and do in Brno, the magazine’s report provided the ingredients for a fantastic and adventurous city getaway. 

To read Time Out’s full report on Brno, and see where other cities ranked on their list, see the original article

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