Historic Brno Riviera Swimming Pool To Get a New Look For Its Central Building

At a meeting on Wednesday, Brno City Council agreed on a project to renovate the main building in the Brno Riviera swimming pool complex. The newly renovated facility will offer saunas, playrooms for children and more space for restaurants. Visualization: STAREZ-SPORT, a. S. via MMB.

Brno, Nov 11 (BD) – “We have agreed to prepare a project for the renovation of the main building of the Riviera swimming pool. The social facilities and space for gastronomic operations will be expanded, a sauna world, a children’s playroom, and multi-purpose rooms will be built,” said the Mayor of Brno, Marketa Vankova.

“It will be possible to use the fully accessible building all year round,” she added. 

The construction works will begin in 2023. “However, the increase in the capacity of the bathrooms must be completed for the summer season 2022, so we will temporarily add other toilets, changing rooms, showers and refreshments using mobile buildings,” added Jaroslav Suchý, Councilor for Education and Sports.

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