Outdoor Dining Areas In Restaurants Will Remain Open During The Winter

A resolution of the Brno-střed District Council has established that outdoor areas of restaurants can remain open in the months of November and December, including the Christmas period. Photo: Jakubské náměstí. Credit: KK / BD. 

Brno, Oct 21 (BD) – This winter, outdoor spaces of restaurants will newly be allowed to remain open, following a resolution by the Brno-střed district council.

Customers will have the opportunity to sit in restaurant courtyards even in November and December, as opposed to previous years, when outdoor spaces were closed by the end of October.

“Sitting with friends in the heated garden of your favourite restaurant or cafe in the run up to Christmas is common around the world, and I think the people of Brno will like it too. At the same time, we want to support local businesses in the city center,” said the Mayor of Brno-střed, Vojtěch Mencl (ODS).

Almost 100 businesses have shown interest in extending the opening period of their outdoor spaces, especially as December will see the return of Christmas markets, and there will be increased possibilities for businesses to operate, and for customers to enjoy the Christmas air, especially in namesti Svobody and Zelny trh.

Most restaurateurs want to design their own gardens, install a heating source and serve hot drinks. The external areas will respect the standard opening hours, closing by 10pm outside the historic center and by midnight in the historic center.

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