In Brief: Million Moments For Democracy Tape The Czech Republic With “Confiscated by Anofert”

Yellow-back tape bearing the message “Confiscated by ANO-fert” was used to mark public places in about 30 Czech cities, including Brno. Photo: Million Moments for Democracy via Facebook.

Czech Rep., Sep 27 (BD) – “This morning we woke up to a world that is no longer ours. This is what we feared for a long time. The prime minister’s political-business group ANO-FERT has confiscated everything in the public space,” wrote the political organisation A Million Moments for Democracy, in a statement on social media on Monday morning.

11 days ahead of parliamentary elections, the organization wrapped symbolic monuments and locations in the country with the tape used by bailiffs when they confiscate the property of debtors, to symbolize what the organisation argues are dangerous connections between the ANO movement, Agrofert, and the Czech state.

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