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Brno To Become First Czech City To Host A Public Drone Light Show On Saturday

This year’s Ignis Brunensis festival features a new innovation. On Saturday at Kraví hora, a special kind of light show will take place, using drone technology. Brno is the first city in the Czech Republic to stage such a show, which will take place at 9.30pm, then again at 11pm. Photo credit: Freepik (Illustrative photo).

Brno, Aug 4 (BD) – On Saturday at Kraví hora, 100 specialised drones will light up the sky in a new addition to the program of this year’s Ignis Brunensis festival. Themed around the celebration of 60 years of humans in space, this drone light show hopes to bring all the spectacular drama of a fireworks display, but without the noise and air pollution. 

“Brno is the first city in the Czech Republic to host a drone show, apart from a private event in Prague in the spring. I believe that the people of Brno will welcome this expansion to the traditional format of the Ignis Brunensis festival. Where else but in Brno is there the potential for such innovative, technologically demanding and inspiring projects, of which this show is definitely one,” said Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), 2nd Deputy Mayor of Brno.

At 9.30pm, and then again at 11pm, the drones will fly into the air, creating spectacular shapes in the sky. However, the show will depend on the favourable weather conditions; in case of bad weather, the performance will be delayed. The performance will be accompanied by a musical score, which will also be broadcast live on Rádio Krokodýl 103 FM.

The show will be carried out under strict security conditions. A reserved airspace will be established on Kraví hora by a fence, with no access permitted to the area. Several test flights will be made before the event so the organisers, Spectrum Brands, can ensure the best possible execution and maximum safety. According to Koláčný, spectators will have the best view from the lower part of the Kraví hora park, on náměstí Míru and in the surrounding area. Those attending are recommended to travel to the park on foot or by public transport, as no extra parking space will be provided for this event.

After the end of the first drone show, spectators can move to the amphitheater at Kraví hora swimming pool, which provides a great view of the Ignis Brunensis fireworks above Špilberk Castle at 10.30pm, “Greetings from Europe”.

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