Police Called To Fire Involving Seven Cars In Brno’s Římské náměstí

Shortly after 3am on Sunday morning, police and firefighters attended a blaze on Františkánská, on Římské náměstí in the centre of Brno, involving seven cars, three of which were destroyed. The damage from the fire is estimated in the millions of crowns, and the cause is under investigation. Photo Credit: Policie ČR. 

Brno, Jul 19 (BD) – Police and fire units were called to Františkánská in the centre of Brno shortly after 3am on Sunday morning, to deal with a serious fire involving seven cars. Two fire units tackled the blaze using two water jets with foam, and gradually got it under control. Four of the vehicles were destroyed in the fire, which also caused damage to the other three cars and a nearby building. Investigators used a specially-trained dog to check for the presence of fire accelerants.

“The damage has not yet been quantified at all, but it will probably be in the millions of crowns,” said Police spokesman Petr Vala. Police investigators are now working on establishing the cause of the fire, and according to Vala, they will only know in the coming days whether it was an intentional act or a technical defect.

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