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If Not a Fair, Then Let’s Have Brno Expat City Days!

Play a free city game through the streets of Brno and compete for many amazing prizes, and visit an open-air expo on Moravské náměstí. Discover what Brno has to offer whilst still staying safe! Photo Credit: City of Brno.

Brno, May 31 (BD) – Two years ago, the Brno Expat Centre organised the first Brno expat fair, Living in Brno, with a plan to repeat the event every spring. Well, that didn’t quite work out, because of the pandemic restrictions. “This spring, we once again faced the decision to postpone or cancel our big fair,” says Marie Lungová, from the Expat Centre’s team of organizers. “So out of these two options, we chose a third one and came up with a new format for the event, a city game on the streets and an open-air expo. We introduce Living in Brno 2021: Brno Expat City Days.

The city game ‘Brno is my playground’ will lead you on a trail through the centre and test your knowledge as a true Brno expat. You can play anytime between 7-18 June. You might know where to find the Brno dragon or what a šalina is, but this game will challenge your Brno-knowledge on a different level! You’ll need your wit and navigational skills, not only on the streets but through the maze of the whole Czech experience. 

What’s more, you can also win flight tickets (250€), a video game (Mafia, 3,000CZK), teeth whitening (7,000CZK), restaurant vouchers (1,000CZK) or another of the many many more attractive prizes generously donated by the event’s partners.

You can compete alone or in a small team, and you can all sign up for free. You’ll only need a phone with mobile data and maps. The 3,8 km long trail through the centre will not only quiz your knowledge and wit, but lead you on a nice 2-hour walk with some pleasant stops along the way.

Afterwards (between 14-19 June), you can stop by on Moravské náměstí to visit the ‘Living in Brno’ open-air expo. Instead of a closed space at Tržnice as was the original plan, you can learn about all the prospective employers, reliable services, cultural institutions, sport facilities and exciting leisure opportunities in open air and with minimal contact. “Even with the restrictions easing now, we believe staying on the safe side is still the way to go,” Marie adds.

Photo: Moravské náměstí. Credit: City of Brno.

Finally, the event will culminate on Saturday 19 June, on the Moravské nám – come to meet with our consultants, listen to a song or two by local musicians and pick up your prize from the city game.

Sign up for the game for free at

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