City Of Brno Provides CZK 9 Million For Brno Ph.D. Talent Competition

The Brno city assembly has agreed to provide a CZK 9 million subsidy to JCMM, z.s.p.o. to finance the Brno Ph.D. Talent prize for the years 2021-2024. Promising scientists can access CZK 100,000 per year until the beginning of their career. Photo Credit: Marie Schmerková / MMB.

Brno, May 27 (BD) – The Brno Ph.D. Talent project is a competition for doctoral students, which grants financial support for three years in the form of a supplementary scholarship provided by the City of Brno. The project is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy and is organised by JCMM, z.s.p.o.

The competition will begin in the autumn for the 11th year. Scholarship support awaits the 25 best finalists, who will receive CZK 300,000 for three years and also a comprehensive career development program. 

The whole competition is in English and participants are allowed to enter if they are no more than 32 years old, and attend full-time study in the first or second semester in the field of science or technology at one of the four partner universities

“The winning students will join a group of excellent researchers whose discoveries contribute to the business card of Brno as a city of science, research, and innovation. Scholars from previous years have shown that they really deserved the award and worked hard on significant discoveries, such as research into a tool for simpler error detection for large software, which is being carried out by Jiří Pavela from the Brno University of Technology,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková.

Photo: Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková and director of JCMM Miloš Šifalda at the Brno Ph.D. Talent Ceremony in 2019. Credit: Marie Schmerková / MMB.

The scholarship program supports the development of the skills of young people in the field of strategic research management and strengthens their connection to the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region.

“Thanks to this support, several talented doctoral students come from abroad, and many of them remain in Brno to work in connection with their research, which is good for the region’s development as a location based on supporting the knowledge economy,” added Miloš Šifalda, director of JCMM, z.s.p.o.

For more information, visit the Brno Ph.D. Talent website.

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