Děvičky Castle Ruins To Be Restored by Volunteers

Volunteers from the Pálava Memorial Association have been working on restoration plans for the ruins of the Děvičky Castle. The 13th-century building was set on fire by the Swedes during the Thirty Years’ War and has been abandoned since the 18th century. Photo Credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Apr 1 (BD) – The Děvičky Castle in South Moravia has been keeping a watchful eye over the surrounding hills since at least 1222, with its famous wall characteristic of the Renaissance style of the early 14th century. The distinctive rock cliffs in front of the castle are full of legends, thought to be three petrified girls, moaning on quiet nights. After being burned down by the Swedes during the Thirty Years’ War and abandoned to its fate in the 18th century, the signs of time are becoming evident in the structure, affected not only by the natural elements but also by the tens of thousands of visitors it receives per year.

Volunteers from the Pálava Memorial Association have been working on a rescue plan for the castle for four years. This year should see the first visible steps in the restoration process, mainly dominated by negotiations and permits until now, according to Marek Ševeček, president of the association.

Their efforts enabled them to secure funding from Czech Forestry until October 2022. Moreover, the management of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area and the National Monuments Institute will participate in the project, which is also using the input of experts. Among  them are ornithologists who will work towards maintaining a safe environment for the bats that inhabit the ruins and the lynxes who live nearby. 

“We have a project for static securing the building and this year we plan to renovate the two most critical places. The first is a cleft wall in the eastern part of the palace and the second the battlement in the southwest, where the falling masonry endangers visitors,” explained Ševeček.

In order to protect the ruins, the Pálava Memorial Association will be collecting a voluntary admission fee to help secure funds for the restoration. The presence of the admission stand will also be crucial to informing visitors on how to visit the ruins safely, keeping them and the structure out of harm’s way. 

The Pálava Memorial Association has so far managed to secure only a tenth of the funds necessary to fully complete the project. If you’re interested in helping out the Děvičky castle, it’s possible to make a donation to the association’s transparent account at 2001926277/2010.

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