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Czech Companies Looking To Increase Hiring In 2021

A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup found that Czech companies are planning to hire more employees this year. The most promising sectors are construction, manufacturing, and finance, while employers in the accommodation and catering sectors do not foresee an increase in employment. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., March 17 (BD) – A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup on the Labor Market for the second quarter of 2021 found that Czech companies are planning to hire more employees soon. These findings were revealed by a regular survey among 607 private and public sector employers in the Czech Republic. The most optimistic recruitment plans were reported in the Moravian and Silesian regions in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, finance, insurance, and real estate. Employers in the accommodation and catering sectors are more pessimistic. The results of the survey point to a global increase in the workforce in the period until June, with strongest expectations in Taiwan, the United States, Australia, and Singapore. 

Employers participating in the survey were asked about their expectations regarding changes in size of their workforce by the end of June 2021. 13% of employers expect an increase in staffing levels, 5% predict a decrease and 79% of employers do not expect any changes. Based on the data, the Net Labor Market Index for the Czech Republic for the second quarter of 2021 anticipates an 8% increase in employment, compared to -1% in the previous quarter. Additionally, almost 62% of Czech employers expect work to take place in person, while a quarter expect their employees to combine working from home and in the workplace.

“The good news is that the sectors which employ the largest number of employees, such as manufacturing, services, construction, and the public sector, are most optimistic. Employer optimism will also reflect the continuation of government support for maintaining employment, the form of which is not yet known,” said Jaroslava Rezlerová, CEO of ManpowerGroup for the Czech and Slovak Republics. She added that despite the current uncertainty, companies are not able to recruit enough employees for a number of positions, such as machine operators in production. “Workers coming from gastronomy and services are not interested in working in production and the recruitment of foreign workers is now more demanding and time-consuming. We are also looking for over 80,000 workers mainly in the construction industry, 67,000 craftsmen and repairers, and 29,000 various specialists such as technicians,” added Rezlerová. 

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