“Meet Brno” Project Helps Newcomers Get To Know The City

Newcomers in Brno can get to know the city thanks to a series of initiatives from a local NGO, Brno For You, which include a series of Podcasts, blogs, a game, and a useful booklet created by volunteers from the ‘Meet Brno’ project to help newcomers integrate into the local community. Photo Credit: NS / BD.

Brno, Feb 14 (BD) – Since its foundation in 2014, the non-governmental organization, Brno For You, has been working with the informal education of young people (13-30 years) with a mission to encourage “active citizenship, personal development and an inclusive society.” Among other local and international initiatives, the NGO has created a community project, “Meet Brno”, which aims to integrate foreigners into community life.  

A group of young volunteers organized the ‘Meet Brno’ project to help foreigners become acquainted with Czech culture and get to know the city of Brno (and how to enjoy it), as well as providing information about other programs. Foreigners can learn more about life in Brno through a series of events, podcasts, a guidebook and a game. The resources are all available in English.

The ‘Newcomers in Brno’ booklet can be downloaded as a .pdf on the organisation’s webpage. All of the information in the booklet can also be found in articles on the Meet Brno Blog.

The Meet Brno Podcasts are available on a number of platforms, including Spotify, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts and RadioPublic. They cover a wide range of topics such as: 

  • How to be in Brno as a local
  • The first administrative steps for newcomers in the city
  • How to stay active in the local community
  • Volunteering opportunities in Brno 
  • International volunteering opportunities 

You can also discover the city centre through the Meet Brno with Brno for you game and follow updates on the project in the Meet Brno Facebook group.

“Meet Brno with Brno For You” is financially supported by the European Union within the European Solidarity Corps.

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