Vaccination of Over 80s Available Without Registration in South Moravia

The South Moravian Region has reported the first phase of vaccination against COVID-19 in residential social facilities. Vaccinations are being administered with support from mobile vaccination teams and regional hospitals. The region also explained how seniors can receive vaccinations without the need for registration. Photo credit: Courtesy of the South Moravian Region.

Czech Rep., Jan 20 (BD) – So far, nearly 4,000 people have been vaccinated in the South Moravian Region (JMK), and over 100 people have received the second vaccination, including clients and staff. This morning, seniors in Těšany were vaccinated by general practitioners without registration. 

According to Jana Leitnerová (Piráti), JMK Council Member for Social Affairs, the current plan is to complete the first wave of vaccinations by next Friday and simultaneously begin administering the second doses. Both vaccinations should be completed by the end of February. 2,000 people per week are being vaccinated in the region thanks to cooperation between firefighters, medical staff and the Mobile teams from Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) and St. Anne’s Hospital (FNUSA). 

According to the South Moravian Region, senior citizens in the region can receive vaccinations without registering. The Regional Governor Jan Grolich explained how vaccinations of seniors will take place.  

General practitioners in villages will vaccinate all residents within a certain age group within a few hours, to avoid the need to register and visit distant vaccination centres or hospitals. This will happen mainly in smaller municipalities where seniors make up most of the population. “It is not suitable for larger cities where hospitals are vaccinating. But we have calculated that there are 163 municipalities where half the population is over the age of 80. It just makes sense there,” said Grolich.

Today, vaccinations for citizens over 80 began in Těšany in the Brno-Venkov district, in cooperation with local GPs. Of the 51 senior citizens in Těšany eligible for vaccination, only three refused. “When I talked to the senior citizens, they were horrified that they had to register somewhere and take transport themselves. They were confused, so this was good news for them and the interest was huge,” said Miroslav Zborovský, Mayor of Těšany.

A drawback of this method may be the supply and storage of the vaccines. “Pfizer is difficult to distribute due to the need for deep freezing, so such an event needs to be carefully prepared in advance. The only thing holding us back at the moment, however, is the lack of these vaccines,” said Grolich.

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