Several New Tourist Attractions Set To Open In Brno This Year

This Spring brings a range of new tourism opportunities to Brno. The expansion of the Brno Underground and the Brnopas, along with the Brno Industrial project, are among the new attractions to look out for. Photo credit: KB / BD.  

Czech Rep., Jan 19 (BD) – Residents of Brno and visitors from around the Czech Republic can look forward to several new tourist attractions opening in the city this Spring, including the expansion of the Brno Underground and the Brnopas, along with the Brno Industrial project. 

The Brno Underground will be expanded to include the tunnels near Nové Sady, which are expected to open this Spring, though further details are yet to be announced. “The site complies with safety regulations, so the opening will not delay any necessary building modifications,” said Jiří Oliva, Deputy Mayor of Brno for Property, told Brněnský Deník. The new tunnels will be managed by the Brno Tourist Information Centre (TIC Brno). 

Tourists and sightseers can also enjoy the benefits of Brnopas, which will this year be expanded beyond Brno to Pavlov Archeopark and Mikulov Chateau. Current deals with the Brnopas can be found here. The card grants discounted admission to many places in Brno, such as the gardens of Brno’s Villas, the Tower of the Old Town Hall, the Brno Underground, Petrov Cathedral, and Brno Zoo. 

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Photo credit: Brno Daily.

Another new project is the Brno Industrial, supported by TIC Brno and partners, which will present the city from the perspective of Brno’s historical textile industry, offering a mix of historical context, industrial monuments and functioning buildings, stories, and creative events. The project will allow you to explore this fascinating side of Brno’s history from the founding of the textile industry to current fashion brands. TIC Brno wants to draw attention to the places that gave Brno its proud nickname of “Moravian Manchester”. “We will therefore continue the Brno Industrial project, opening, for example, a new industrial educational trail around the Svitava River,” said Hana Novosadová, PR manager at TIC Brno, to Brněnský Deník.

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