Parliament Extends State of Emergency Until January 22nd

On Tuesday evening, governing parties ANO and the Social Democrats, with the support of the Communist Party, approved an extension of the state of emergency by 30 days, until January 22nd. The previous state of emergency was due to expire on December 23rd. Photo: PS / Twitter.

Czech Rep., Dec 23 (BD) – According to Minister of Health Jan Blatný, the extension of the state of emergency by 30 days is “unpleasant, but necessary” with regards to the recent deteriorating situation of the epidemic.

Opposition deputies, on the other hand, complained during the parliamentary session that the further extension to the state of emergency was introduced without any explanation of what will follow next. “The government is not allowing us to take part in resolving the crisis. They constantly ignore our suggestions and help sole traders just for appearances’ sake,” said Marketa Pekarova-Adamova, leader of TOP 09. 

“Where is the government’s plan for the coming months? You do not respect your own system, which you created, you are not issuing compensation, you do not have a vaccination strategy, and everything in this country will be managed by Andrej Babiš. You have taken away people’s hope. And you will certainly not give them that hope by extending the state of emergency by a month,” said Vít Rakušan, leader of STAN.

The government will decide on Wednesday whether to move to the fifth tier of the PES anti-epidemic system. The stricter measures would enter into force on December 25th, said Blatný after Monday’s government meeting. However, in parliament on Tuesday, he said that the fifth tier measures could apply from December 27th.

“It’s hard for me to say, but if we find ourselves in the fifth tier of the PES system, then it will be without exceptions. This means, among other things, a curfew on New Year’s Eve and the closure of shops and services. Surely you understand that the situation is serious,” said Blatný.

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