In Photos: Construction of Reserve Hospital at Brno Exhibition Centre

A reserve hospital is being built at the Brno Exhibition Centre to provide 302 extra beds for hospitals that are full to capacity. Construction began this week, and medical equipment should be installed next week. The estimated cost of the construction is approximately CZK 1.6 million. Photo: Start of construction at the Brno Exhibition Centre on Monday, October 26th. Credit: MMB Archive.

Brno, Oct 26 (BD) – A reserve hospital has been commissioned at the Brno Exhibition Centre. The construction of the facility began on Monday, October 26th and medical equipment should be installed next week. The facility will be staffed by medical practitioners and volunteers.

The Mayor of Brno, Marketa Vankova, approved the construction of the hospital after two days of negotiation with the directors of Brno hospitals. The Municipal Hospital of Merciful Brothers and Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) are working together to manage supplies and staff, with additional assistance from volunteers.

A little over a week before the construction was approved, the City of Brno announced that plans for a reserve hospital would remain on hold until the need for more hospital beds in Brno became more urgent. 

Vankova had invited the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Chief of the General Staff to comment on the possibility of building a new reserve hospital, but moved forward with the plans after receiving no response. The decision was made after reviewing the data and predictions from the directors of Brno hospitals. 

Construction costs are estimated at approximately CZK 1.6 million. Monthly operational expenses are estimated at around CZK 4 million excluding VAT and the salaries of medical staff. Health insurance companies have agreed to cover patient care costs in the same way as at regular health facilities. 

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