Five of the Best Pizzerias in Brno

There are not so many places to get the true taste of Italian pizza in Brno. If you have been missing great pizza, that may just be because you haven’t found the right place. Brno Daily asked those in the know for their favourites, and here are the results! Get your next pizza from one of these recommended restaurants! Photo credit: KJB / BD.

Brno, Sept 27 (BD) – Naples may be the birthplace of pizza, but the dish has now gone truly global, and is recognized as one of the most popular in the world, for young and old alike. Along with its popularity, however, comes great competition. And while there are plenty of restaurants and pizzerias where you can get a mediocre slice of pizza to fill a hole, you need to shop around to find the real pizza champions. Or, you can just let Brno Daily be your guide! 

When it comes to varieties of pizza, nowadays, it seems you can find it all: deconstructions, vegan pizzas and toppings, pizzas made with cauliflower-, beet-, or other vegetable-based doughs, to name but a few.

In search of the best pizzerias in Brno, we spoke to native Italians, pizza lovers and critics, with a total of 126 people voting and sharing their experiences. I also had the “horrible” job of visiting the pizzerias myself to check that they were indeed delicious. And finally, here are the winning slices…

#1 Doe Boy

Štefánikova 39, Brno-Královo Pole

If you’re looking for a Neapolitan-style pizza in Brno, Doe Boy is the one that comes out on top, although it comes with a price. The sausage and friarielli is one of Doe Boy’s signature recipes. The edge of the dough that meets the pan forms a round thick bready crust which swells to form a bowl-like shape, with the toppings sitting a little beneath. Just a look at Doe Boy’s pizza tells you that this traditional Italian restaurant is generous when adding dough to their pizza. Known for their use of a brick oven, which leaves the dough with a darkly caramelized, fluffy and crusty appearance, Doe Boy was voted as the best pizzeria in Brno, with twice more votes than other pizzerias. The restaurant currently offers take-aways and dining-in for guests, and next month they will offer deliveries and digital payments.

Doe Boy’s Neapolitan-style pizza reveals the flavour of the airy dough which has slowly risen for at least 24 hours. Photo credit: VU / BD.

#2 La Speranza

Lidická 32, Brno-střed

Another place to go in Brno if you want to enjoy a taste of Mediterranean-style pizza is La Speranza. The ends of the dough are charred into a golden brown crust, with cheese forming a nice dark deep brown topping. With a finishing of basel, fresh pesto or dried oregano, you are ready for a real treat. Fans who voted for this restaurant appreciate that they have maintained a consistent menu with excellent Neapolitan-style pizza to which “nothing else really compares.” Critics also commended their friendly service and home deliveries.

Guests can be seen queuing up – just to grab a slice of this pizza! Photo credit: VU / BD.

#3 Gazebo

Merhautova 101, Černá Pole

Gazebo is owned by an Italian man from Foggia in southern Italy. One online enthusiast stated: “Sorry to say, but in Brno there is only one pizza place: Gazebo. All the rest is pure crap, with the exception of Doe, which is good but expensive.” Another added: “Gazebo – oh yeah! Vito is the only pizzaiolo in Czech Republic with a real certification from ‘Accademia della Pizza.’” Gazebo is very popular among the local Italian community. Gazebo’s authentic Neapolitan pizza uses dough that is light and spongy with a soft crust. The pizzeria has a spacious garden which is great for larger groups. They also do home deliveries available through their website. 

The owner prepares pizza with true Italian vigour and style. Photo credit: KJB / BD.

#4 Caruso

Bayerova 6, Brno-střed

If you want pizza sweetened with caramelised onion, slightly thick, with gooey cheese resting on a flaky crust and charred just the right amount with added sausage on an airy dough, then you are in for a treat. The toppings are loaded nicely onto a crunchy and juicy dough. A bite of Caruso’s pizza makes one wish he/she grew up in a large northern Italian family. At Caruso, you are bound to receive an iconic Neapolitan style pizza with top-notch friendly service that makes your pizza time a moment to always remember. The pizzeria is spacious and built with customer satisfaction in mind. One voter remarked that Caruso pizza forms the “pizza trinity” in Brno, along with Doe Boy and La Speranza, and the restaurant came fourth in the poll.

Caruso won’t fail to deliver great pizza, service and charm to their guests. Photo credit: VU / BD.

#5 Pizza Punk

Jana Uhra 6, Veveří

If you never thought that pizza could be revolutionary, then you’ve never been to Pizza Punk. Their vegan, “cruelty-free” pizza will take you on a journey of discovery. Their pizzas (two options per day) are piping hot with nicely melted “cheese.” Pizza Punk thrives most of all on their intriguing combinations of fresh and quality ingredients. 

Pizza Punk’s unique style and ¨vegan mozzarella¨ really sets it apart. Photo credit: VU / BD.

Did you know?

It is believed that in June 1889 the pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito, Pizzeria Brandi’s chef, invented the dish called “Pizza Margherita” in honor of the Queen of Italy, Queen Margherita of Savoy.

Did you also know that the toppings: tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green), represent the colours of the national flag of Italy, which stands for unification.

Honourable mentions

#6 La Cucina Nera

Dukelská třída 58, Husovice 

Voters cherished their use of the traditional Italian wooden oven, among other things.

#7 Pizzeria Leonessa

Dvořákova 16, Brno-střed

This pizzeria is run by Italian chefs, and one would expect nothing less than the native Italian pizza flavour. Voters also liked the range of wines served here.

(Disclaimer: This article is not promotional, but is based on feedback from pizza lovers gathered via social media.)

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