200 Lime Scooters To Join Brno’s Shared Bicycle Network

Lime agreed to work with the city to expand the shared bicycle network in Brno and improve conditions for road users. The memorandum of cooperation was previously signed by Rekola and Nextbike. Photo: Courtesy of Lime.

Brno, Jul 30 (BD) – From the beginning of August, 200 shared electric scooters will join Brno’s growing shared transport network, joining shared bicycle services Rekola and Nextbike. Like those companies, Lime is working closely with the city authorities to integrate and systematize services, and has signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The 200 new scooters will become available from the beginning of August on stands around the city. The company plans an initial trial period to determine the best location of the stands and distribution of the scooters according to public demand.

Brno city council member for transport, Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), welcomed the company: “Lime has worked with the city from the beginning. Our common goal is to provide the public with simple and efficient transport around the city. Bicycle transport, including scooters, is developing in the city and we assume this will continue. We would therefore like to proceed systematically.” Representatives from Lime will sign a memorandum with the city to facilitate easier and closer cooperation between the two parties.

Based on the memorandum, companies will ensure that their scooters and bicycles are placed in racks and take steps to prevent them interfering with pedestrians. The city is expanding its network of bicycle stands and implementing various measures to make driving around Brno easier, safer, and more pleasant. The memorandum was previously signed by Rekola, Nextbike, and the now-defunct Velonet.

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