Dancing, Music, and Uma Grande Festa – Brasil Fest Brings the Brazilian Carnival Spirit to Brno

To celebrate 100 years of friendly Czech-Brazilian diplomatic relations, the first Brazilian carnival will be held in the Czech Republic, complete with dancing, music and a parade. Photo: Courtesy of TIC Brno.

Brno, Jul 21 (BD) – Like many of this summer’s festivals, Brasil Fest, the first Brazilian festival in the Czech Republic, had to be postponed due to coronavirus. Originally scheduled in June, a new date and program has been announced for the Rio Carnival-style festival, which will now take place from July 31st to August 2nd.

This year marks 100 years since the commencement of diplomatic relations between Czechoslovakia and Brazil, which deserves a celebration. Enter Brasil Fest, the first Brazilian carnival in the country, taking place right in the heart of Brno. “Brazilian carnivals and festivals enliven the streets of many cities. I am glad that we will get to experience this atmosphere for the first time in the Czech Republic, and specifically in the center of Brno. According to official figures, more than 200 Brazilians live in Brno, and I am sure that most of them will be actively participating in Brasil Fest,” said Marek Fiser, Brno City Council Member for Culture.

Veronika Lalova, one of two Czechs to participate in the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, will perform at Brasil Fest and host workshops. Photo: Courtesy of Brasil Fest Brno.

On Friday, July 31st, the festival will kick-off with an hour-long parade leading from Moravske Namesti to Zelny Trh, with an afterparty in the Town Hall Courtyard. To get you in the mood, there will be a Brazilian-themed summer cinema movie and pre-party in the courtyard on Thursday, July 30th.

On Saturday, August 1st, the program will continue with concerts and opportunities to sample Brazilian cuisine. On Sunday, there will be various workshops where you can learn Brazilian dances and rhythms, taking place in Luzanky Park. “I am glad that Brasil Fest will finally take place in Brno. The local Brazilian community cannot wait to show its culture to the rest of the city. I have experienced a real carnival atmosphere, and if it can be at least partially recreated in the center of Brno, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone,” added Fiser.

Jakub Skrha, the second Czech to perform at the Rio de Janeiro carnival, will also perform with his band “Ritmo Factory” and host workshops. Photo: Courtesy of Brasil Fest Brno.

Among the Brazilian headliners will be the world-famous jazzman Adrian Trindade, and the band Três Corações, which plays the Northeast Brazilian phenomenon Forró – a style of music and dance dealing with themes from life such as love, hard work and homesickness. “Forró has a rhythm similar to a human heartbeat, and maybe that’s why it’s a matter of the heart for so many fans. All Brazilian music will conquer you with its rhythm, and the experience of the sambadrome and the carnival in general are indescribable. I am happy that we will be able to bring Brazilian artists and a piece of this experience to all of us in Brno,” said Jakub Škrha from the Brno Samba School, one of the organizers of the festival.

The entire festival will be free of charge; for the complete program and to sign up for the workshops, you can visit the website or Facebook page.

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