Traffic On Žerotínovo Náměstí To Be Limited Until End of August

The work coincides with major reconstruction work taking place on Veveří, which has interrupted tram routes running through the square until the end of the summer holidays. Photo Credit: MMB.

Brno, Jul 19 (BD) – From Monday, July 20th, Brno’s Žerotínovo náměstí will be partially closed for repairs, meaning that traffic passing through the square will be single-lane only. The restrictions will be in place until the end of the holidays.

Photo credit: MMB.

On Monday, both lanes of traffic from the direction of the Red Church towards Moravské náměstí will be closed, with all traffic moved to the other side of the road closer to Veveri, where traffic will flow in both directions in single lanes.

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One week later, the repairs will move to the other side of the road, closing the two lanes from Moravské náměstí to the Red Church, with traffic using the two lanes closer to the city. During this phase, the pedestrian crossing in front of the South Moravian Regional Office will not be in operation, but pedestrians will still be able to cross in front of the polyclinic on the other side of Veveří, or at the bottom of Kounicova. 

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The work coincides with major reconstruction work taking place on Veveří, where the tram lines are being relaid and stops rebuilt, in anticipation of the route being used as a diversion for tram line 1 in the autumn.

As normal tram lines are suspended until the end of August, the city authorities have taken the opportunity to carry out essential work at Žerotínovo náměstí at the same time.

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