Brno Council Gives Green Light to BRNOX II Revitalization Project in Zábrdovice

The first phase of the revitalization, which is being overseen by artist Katerina Seda, will include the painting of walls and installation of new street furniture, with further improvements planned for future phases. Photo credit: MMB / Visualization by Katerina Seda.

Brno, Jul 1 (BD) – Katerina Seda, renowned Brno artist and author of “BRNOX: A guide to the Brno Bronx” (2018) was commissioned by the City Architect’s Office to develop a plan to revitalize the area, known as BRNOX II. Last year funding was allocated to the project, and preparations began for the logistical side. Now city councillors have given their approval for work to begin on the first phase of the project.

“This year, selected walls will be painted, which will visually unify the public space and refer to the genius loci of the neighborhood. Visitors will be guided by a new orientation system, consisting of concrete cubes with coloured inscriptions. New street furniture will also be installed,” said First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladik (KDU-CSL). The total cost of the first phase comes is estimated at around CZK 484,000.

The upcoming orientation system. Photo credit: MMB / Visualization by Katerina Seda.

The second phase of the project will see another mural painted, and the completion of the orientation system and the project website, as well as a mobile app that will take visitors on a self-guided tour of the neighborhood, pointing out stories and interesting facts related to specific places and objects around the area. 

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