Explore an Inflatable World and Watch Sci-Fi Films For Free at Brno Observatory

From July 6th-12th, a unique ‘Terralóna’, an inflatable realistic Earth, will be open for explorers at Brno Observatory. The Observatory will also be screening free sci-fi movies, in their original versions with Czech subtitles. Photo credit: Petr Ryp / Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno.

Brno, Jun 29 (BD) – With ‘From Earth to the Moon’, the Brno Observatory and Planetarium invites visitors to come and see their ‘Terralóna’: a realistic Earth that will be inflated every day in the week beginning July 6th, from 4pm until midnight, weather permitting. In addition to their inflatable earth, the observatory will also show daily sci-fi movies and offer daily digital projections in the planetarium, exploring the universe.

The ‘Terralóna’, returning after its success last year, was designed by creative group Visualove. The structure has a diameter of 10 meters and is a photorealistic rendering of our Earth. With the real Earth having a diameter of a little less than 13,000km, the Mount Everest on the Terralóna would reach a height of 7mm. The International Space Station, which in reality orbits at an altitude of 400km, would hover at a height of 30cm above the Terralóna, and the moon would be about 4m away. The sun, in Terralóna proportions, would have a diameter of 1km and be about 120km away from the miniature planet – about as far as Ostrava.

The Terralóna is available for viewing every day in the week of July 6th, weather permitting, from 4pm until 12pm, with the viewing complemented by relaxing music.

Photo credit: Petr Ryp / Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno.

Sci-Fi Summer Cinema

In the same week, enthusiasts will also be able to watch top science fiction films for free, such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, Gravity, and Mad Max: Fury Road. All films will be shown in original versions with Czech subtitles. 

Viewers should bring their own refreshments and a blanket to sit on, as they will be watching the films from the floor.

Digital Planetarium: Explore the Universe

In the Brno Digital Planetarium, a series of special projectors and dozens of computers can conjure a surprisingly faithful model of the universe on a 17m diameter projection screen. For the week from July 6th, both the classic 2D mode and the ‘stereoscopic’ 3D modes will be screened in the planetarium. At other times the planetarium also screens 4D projections.

In the week of July 6th, there will be three projections every day:

  • 4pm: ‘Fairy Tale with Animals About the Universe’ (2D)
  • 6pm: Universe (3D)
  • 8pm: Birth of Planet Earth (2D)

Tickets for the screenings can be bought on the observatory’s website.

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