Police Report Over 270 Breaches of Quarantine Rules in South Moravia This Weekend

Most of the offences involved citizens not wearing masks, and were solved with a polite request from officers. Police also found five establishments breaching the ban on retail shops and services. Photo credit: Policie CR.

Brno, Apr 23 (BD) – South Moravian Police were carrying out routine checks this weekend across the region to ensure that the quarantine measures against the coronavirus outbreak were being followed. On Friday and Saturday, police carried out over 3,000 inspections, detecting around 250 breaches of the rules. With the cooler weather on Sunday, fewer people were out and about, but police found a further 20 breaches, taking the total for the weekend to over 270.

Photo credit: Policie CR

By far the most common offence was insufficient use of protective clothing, which accounted for over 200 of the cases. In most of these cases, it was enough for officers to ask the person to adjust their mask to respect the rules. 53 cases involved violations of the ban on free movement, and five establishments were found to be open in violation of the ban on retail and services.

The most serious breach of quarantine measures detected by South Moravian Police this weekend was a group of 11 young people drinking, smoking and chatting together in the chateau garden in Vyskov on Saturday afternoon. When confronted, the group claimed that they were not violating the rules as they were young and healthy, and therefore had the right to stay outside. Some of the group tried to put on their masks when they saw the officers approaching, and one young woman initially refused to give the police her name, but all of them were eventually reported and now face substantial fines.

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