Volunteers Can Still “Clean Up The Czech Republic” – If They Are Alone or With Family

“Let’s Clean Up the World, Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic” is a volunteer initiative working towards a cleaner environment in the Czech Republic and across the world. Unfortunately, the main clean-up event this year was cancelled due to coronavirus. Title photo: Ukliďme Česko.

Czech Rep., Apr 2 (BD) – “Every year we choose a date in Spring, so there is no longer any snow, even in the higher mountains, and at the same time there is not yet any greenery in the warmer regions. This year, the main day of clean-up events was scheduled for Saturday, April 4th,” said Miroslav Kubásek, one of the organizers of World Cleanup Day in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic means that mass events have had to be cancelled or postponed, which includes the Cleanup Day organized by Uklidme Cesko, which aims to clean up litter and illegal fly-tipping. The two main events are always planned for the spring and autumn. The autumn event, on September 19th, should remain unchanged.

Organizers are now encouraging volunteers to do their cleaning up by themselves, or with their families. In either of these ways, volunteers can still pick up litter and trash in our environment, in spite of coronavirus, though participants should be careful not to collect used tissues, and should continue to follow the current safety measures.

When alone in the forest, it is not necessary to wear a face-mask, but participants should carry one in case they come into contact with others. “Cleaners” can also take pictures of themselves wearing masks and join the Ukliďme Česko photo contest. The three funniest cleaning photos shared by Easter using their hashtag #RouskovyUklid (“clean-up in masks”) can win tablets.

Recycling and waste collection points can be located using the new app “Where Should It Go?” [“Kam s ním”] (only in Czech). You can find more information about the app in our previous article: “Where Should It Go? New App Shows Czechs Where To Dispose of Different Waste Materials”.

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