Regulars Meet in Veveri Pub Despite State of Emergency

Cigarette smoke and plenty of alcohol; Brno police discovered one pub open during a routine check in the Veveří district on Wednesday night. Photo: Policie ČR.

Brno, Mar 26 (BD) – “The police caught pub staff with several guests in a smokey tavern. Some of them tried to make excuses, but without success,” said Brno Police spokesman Petr Vala.

The police found the pub open when carrying out routine checks for compliance with the restrictions on free movement, which banned catering establishments, including pubs, allowing the public onto their premises.

Photo: Policie ČR.

“The guests now face high penalties for their blatant disregard for government orders, up to CZK 20,000 for the customers and CZK 3 million for the pub’s managers,” said Vala.

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