In Brief: Health Ministry Bans All Meetings of More Than Two People

The new rules were announced by the Ministry of Health this evening. Photo: Minister of Health Adam Vojtech visiting St. Anne’s hospital earlier this year. Credit: Official photo of

Czech Rep., Mar 25 (BD) – The government has extended the current measures against the spread of coronavirus. The new rules were announced by the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry’s Twitter feed: “It is necessary to limit social contact between people as far as possible, to avoid the ‘community transmission’ of Covid-19. Therefore, from now, no more that two people can congregate in public places at the same time, with the exception of members of the same household, essential work reasons, or funerals.”

Special decree of Ministry of Health / via Twitter.

The new measure will be applied until April 1, 2020, 6am.

There are 1,654 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic, with 157 new cases reported since Wednesday morning. Six people have already died from the disease, and 10 have fully recovered.

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