Video: Two Suspects Promptly Arrested Following Robbery Near Cejl

Yesterday afternoon, two suspects were quickly arrested following a robbery near the junction of Cejl and Kornerova. Photo: Brno Police.

Brno, Feb. 19 (BD) – “At 1pm, a witness reported a robbery to passing officers at the junction of Cejl and Kornerova, where two men had allegedly attacked and injured a shop assistant in a nearby shop,” said Brno police spokesman Jakub Ghanem.

The officers took a description of the suspects, and soon located one of them on Vlhka, where he was arrested. While performing a body search, they found two knives.

In the meantime, another officer treated the injured shop assistant, called paramedics, and asked her for further information. On the basis of this information, the police were able to locate the second suspect on Koliste. He had blood stains on his jacket and was carrying a knife.

According to Ghanem, the suspects were not Czech nationals. The case has been handed over to the Czech State Police.

Video: Brno Police, Feb. 18 / Facebook

Prepared by Tessa Adamson

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