Police Evacuate Supermarket In Bomb Scare, Unexpectedly Catch National Fugitive

There were bizarre scenes in Brno-Komárov last night, as police evacuating a supermarket due to a bomb scare unexpectedly caught a man who had been hunted by Czech police for over a year. The bomb scare turned out to be a false alarm. Title photo: Policie ČR.

Brno, Jan 28 (BD) – Last night police officers attended a supermarket in Brno-Komárov, where a travel suitcase had been left unattended and unclaimed, raising alarm among staff, who called the police.

Officers called in the bomb squad and evacuated the supermarket as a precaution, as well as a dormitory lodgings close by.

Upon inspecting the suitcase, the specialists found no sign of explosives.

However, in evacuating the dormitory, police unexpectedly identified a wanted fugitive, who had been subject to an arrest warrant and on the run from Czech police for over a year. The man was arrested.

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