Drunk Woman Accidentally Enters Strangers’ Flat and Comforts Their Child

The woman told police she was so drunk she didn’t notice that it was not her flat, or her child. Photo: stock picture / Freepik. For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Nov 27 (BD) – Brno police were called to an unusual case on Sunday morning. A woman from Eastern Europe hit the alcohol a bit too hard at a party the previous night, causing her to lose her sense of both time and space. On her way home from the party, she ended up walking into a complete stranger’s apartment in Brno Zábrdovice. Thinking she was at home with her family, she decided to comfort her child, but in her state of intoxication, did not recognize that the child she was holding was not her own. 

According to police spokesman David Chaloupka: “This really scared the child’s real parents, so they called the police to the scene. In a breath test, the foreign national measured 1.3 per mille of alcohol, and ended up having a seizure. After sobering up, the woman admitted to police that she had little experience with drinking. She apologized for her behavior and promised that she would never touch alcohol again.”

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