21 Kilometres of New Motorways Scheduled For Completion In the Czech Republic in 2020

The modernization of three sections of the D1 sections and 24 kilometres of city bypasses should also be completed, according to the Ministry of Transport. The state has long been facing criticism because of slow construction. The 2020 figures follow 34 kilometres of new motorways opening in 2019, and just four kilometres in 2018. Photo: Ministry of Transport.

Brno, Czech Rep., Nov 25 (BD) – The motorways to be completed include two sections of the Karlovy Vary D6 and one section of the D48 near Frýdek-Místek. Three modernisation programs on different sections of the D1, and 24 kilometres of city bypasses, will also be completed. Various other motorway projects will continue into at least 2021.

“For 2020, we have CZK 23.6 billion of investment prepared for motorways. For 2021 we want to invest CZK 51.3 billion,” said Minister of Transport Vladimir Kremlik (ANO), quoted by aktualne.cz.

The Czech government has long been criticised for the duration of motorway construction and reconstruction projects, which can in some cases last up to 13 years. According to the Ministry of Transport, recent legislative changes should enable this duration to be cut by around a third.

According to the Ministry, 138 kilometres of motorway are under construction, including more than 60 kilometres of the D1. There are about 1,256 kilometres of motorways in the Czech Republic.

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