Two Bus Drivers Caught Driving Over The Alcohol Limit

The drivers were two of three drunk-drivers caught during routine checks on Monday morning. Photo credit: Police CR.

Brno, Sep 30 (BD) – 80 officers from the South Moravian Police were out on Monday morning performing routine breathalyzer checks on drivers around Brno-Venkov. 600 vehicles were stopped for tests, with a focus on bus drivers. Three drunk drivers were caught in total, including two bus drivers.  

Photo credit: Police CR.

A 54-year-old bus driver in Letovice was found with an alcohol reading of 0.29 per mille, and his colleague in Rajhrad had 0.16 per mille.

Photo credit: Police CR.

The Czech Republic has zero tolerance to driving under the influence, unlike most European countries. Both men admitted they had underestimated their Sunday drinking.

The other drunk driver caught on Monday was driving a passenger car with an alcohol reading of 0.57 per mille.

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