Amazing Video: Spilberk Turned Red To Mark 120 Years of Brno University of Technology

On the evening of September 19, the date of the signing of the university’s founding decree, Špilberk castle turned red to represent Brno University of Technology (BUT). Title image: VISUALOVE and Petr Horálek, Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno.

Brno, Sep 22 (BD) – Yesterday, the Student Chamber of the BUT Academic Senate published a stunning video of the Spilberk castle on their Facebook page. They recommend to turn on the sound and enjoy the view.

Video: @Ben RedMartin Střálka a Studenti VUT
Realization: VISUALOVE

On September 19, 1899, Emperor František Josef I signed a document establishing the Czech Technical University in Brno (BUT), the oldest university in Brno and the successor to the Technical College in Brno, established by the Provincial Assembly of the Margraviate of Moravia in 1849. At the beginning, the university had just four enthusiastic professors.

Now, 120 years later, BUT has eight faculties, three university institutes and seven research centers, and is home to almost 19,000 students, the most of any technical university in the Czech Republic. BUT is now an internationally recognized scienctific research and educational institution that holds it own in rankings of technical schools around the world. Read more in our previous article “Spilberk To Turn Red To Mark 120 Years of BUT“.

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