Renovation Complete At Grand Hotel Bus Station

The Grand Hotel Bus Station handles 150 international and domestic connections every day. This Spring and Summer, the Brno City transport company spent CZK 19 million upgrading the station to make it more pleasant and easier to use. Photos: TP / Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 13 (BD) – The upgrades to the station were carried out in two phases. Renovation was carried out on the platform and the roof structure, which is a listed protected monument, and facilities for passengers and drivers were added, including public toilets and a waiting area. The asphalt road at the station was resurfaced, and new tiles were laid on the platform. As part of the work, the refreshment stalls and carrier ticket offices were removed to improve the appearance of the station.

Grand Hotel – Benesova Trida Bus Station last summer. Credit: BD.

To make the station easier for disabled passengers to use, the platforms are now 100% wheelchair-accessible, with guide lines added for the blind. In the autumn, a 3D scale model of the station will be installed with Braille annotation to assist visually impaired users, as well as an electronic board showing departures.

Photo gallery. Credit: BD.

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