Repair of Sewers and Water Pipes in the Centre of Brno To Begin in October

From October, renovation work will begin on Solniční, Opletalova and Česká (in the section along Joštova). Repair work is necessary on the sewer system, which dates from the end of the 19th century, and the water supply system which dates back to the 1920s. Access to properties in the affected area will be maintained throughout the renovation work. The work will cost nearly CZK 90 million, and is due to be completed in May 2021. Photo: Z. Moreau.

Brno, Sep 9 (BD) – In October, Opletalova will be fully open and work will begin on Solniční, in the section between Rašínova and Česká. Work will take place on another section of Solniční later. In March next year, work will begin on Česká, in the section between the junction with Solniční and Joštova. Gas, hot water pipelines and some cable lines will be replaced. Once all work on the underground networks has been completed, the roads and sidewalks will be restored. Due to the historic importance of this area of the town, the repairs will be supervised by archaeologists.

On Solniční, the work will be carried out in an underground tunnel. “The tunnel will be at a depth of eight meters near the historic city walls of Brno. Due to the method of reconstruction, only entrance shafts will be visible, and workers will work underground,” said Jaromír Peška, Head of the Engineering Services Department of the Brno Waterworks and Sewerage System.

Locals do not have to worry about complications associated with the shutdown of sewerage and water supply. “Sewage and rainwater will run to the sewer without interruption. Likewise, supply of drinking water will be ensured in the area, with the exception of short-term shutdowns due to the need to connect the newly constructed water supply line to the existing water supply network. We will notify residents and users of the property well in advance of these planned outages,” said Peška.

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