Brno Residents Can Now Dispose Of Used Cooking Oil In Regular Black Garbage Bins

Brno residents can now dispose of used oil or edible fat in a closed container placed into a regular black garbage bin. Using new technology, the oil will be turned into heat and energy at the municipal incinerator by the city company SAKO Brno. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Aug 12 (BD) – Many people still often pour used cooking oil from their kitchens into the sink or toilet. Although this seems to be the easiest and fastest way to get rid of burnt fat, the treatment of used household oil is harmful to the environment and also causes considerable material damage. Oil and grease sit in the waste pipelines, and eventually clog them.

The management of waste oil is regulated by an amendment to the Waste Act of 2018, which, from January 2020, obliges municipalities to collect edible oils and fats. “For this purpose, we already have black plastic garbage bins in all Brno collection centers with a sticker indicating that they are containers intended for storing household oil. People should bring the oil in sealed containers such as plastic bottles, sealed buckets or canisters,” explained Filip Leder of SAKO.

If people cannot or do not want to go to the collection centers, they can place the oil in a closed container in the regular black garbage bin for mixed municipal waste. This is used in the production of heat and electricity at the SAKO waste-to-energy facility in Brno, while saving primary sources such as oil, natural gas or coal. As a result, waste oils are transformed into fuel as in any other technology. “In Brno, we are one step ahead of most municipalities in the Czech Republic in that we do not dispose of our municipal waste in landfills, but use it to produce energy,” added Leder.

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