Brno To Allow Card Payments On Public Transport Starting Next Spring

Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB) has announced that it will equip its buses, trams and trolleybuses with a total of 3,000 electronic terminals for card payments next year, known as “validators”. The project will cost about CZK 65 million. Photo: DPMB / Facebook.

Brno, Jul 30 (BD) – Board the public transport, and tap in at the door with a card instead of searching your pockets and handbags for a ticket. This is the near future of public transport in Brno.

“Today we signed a contract with a supplier, and in the spring all our vehicles will be equipped with new validators on which you will be able to click on a paper ticket or buy a contactless electronic card,” DPMB wrote last Wednesday.

“The passenger will place the card on the validator when boarding, and the system will automatically issue a basic ticket for one hour and deduct CZK 25. Passengers will only have to tap again when exiting the vehicle if they are traveling for a shorter time, and only need a cheaper ticket for 20 CZK,” explained the Manager of the DPMB Tariff Department, Vít Prýgl.

The new electronic passenger check is optimized to automatically choose the best option for the passenger. “If a passenger goes four times a day, he does not pay for four one-hour tickets for 100 CZK; the system will automatically charge him for one all-day ticket for 90 crowns,” explained Prýgl.

The so-called “validators” will enable the purchase of a ticket simply by presenting a contactless card. In its trial phase, the first carriages will be launched with new validators after the New Year, and the system will be fully launched in spring. The cost will total almost CZK 65 million.

“The possibility of contactless purchase of tickets in carriages is another important step forward in the modernization of Brno’s public transport. Traveling will be easier for our customers again, I am sure they will appreciate this innovation,” said Miloš Havránek, the CEO of DPMB.

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