New Branch for Waste Prevention Information Center “Retro-Use” Opens in Brno

The new branch for the information center opened today at noon, with city representatives in attendance. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 3 (BD) – “Retro-Use” opened another site in Brno, with today’s ceremonial opening at noon. The opening of the new branch at Orlí street was attended by Brno’s First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík. Other branches of Retro-Use can be found at Brno’s bunker, 10-Z; or at Francouzská street.

Retro-Use aims to reuse old, vintage but still functional things, that people no longer need at home. Objects accepted by the waste prevention information center must be made before 1989, in order to be collected by Retro-Use.

With this concept in mind, Brno’s residents can extend the life cycle of items that usually end up in collection yards today. The aim of the project is to distribute objects among those who can continue to use them – such as cultural institutions that can use them for their activities, museums for their collections, or for theater props.

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