Exhibition on World-Famous Explorer Miroslav Zikmund

The Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlin is currently hosting an exhibition on Miroslav Zikmund’s travels, with his well-known partner in adventures, Jiří Hanzelka. Photo credit: muzeum-zlin.cz.

Brno, Jun 29 (BD) – Part of the popular duo of adventurers “Hanzelka and Zikmund”, Miroslav Zikmund celebrated his 100th birthday this year. To celebrate, the Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlin is commemorating Zikmund’s centenary: “Zikmund100”.

Visitors will marvel at photos taken during Hanzelka and Zikmund’s travels. There will also be a side-by-side comparison of photos taken on the travels of Lukáš Socha and Tomáš Vaňourek, who are emulating the travels by capturing similar photos as the two adventurers.

Hanzelka and Zikmund are well-known as worldwide travellers – the Czech duo travelled extensively to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania between the 1940’s and 1950’s. They documented their travels in photos and books, and even had a radio show on Czechoslovak Radio, where the nation could listen to the duo’s international adventures.

Zikmund100 is available for public viewing until the end of July, at the Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlin.

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