AVION Shopping Park to Undergo Extensive Renovation

AVION Shopping Park Brno, the first and also the oldest shopping center in Brno, will undergo the largest expansion and modernization in its history. The total area of the center will increase by an area comparable to three football fields. Visualization: AVION Shopping Park Brno.

Brno, May 14 (BD) – The initial demolition and preparatory work that started last year is now gaining momentum. “We expect these works to be completed by mid-May and we will then start building,” said Petr Navrátil, Director of AVION Shopping Park. A new wing will be built there next year, which will include the largest cinema complex in the Czech Republic, with 19 screens. The total area of the center will increase by 14,000 m2 of retail space, around the area of three football fields.

Photo credit: AVION Shopping Park Brno.

The management of AVION estimates that the modernization will create 600 new jobs. The center will continue operating as normal while the work is carried out. The cost of the first phase of construction is estimated at CZK 1.3 billion. This phase will end in the second half of 2020, and the second stage is now being prepared.

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