Video: Police Investigating Husova Accident Involving Speeding Car

The speeding Mercedes was caught on traffic cameras on Husova street, heading towards Nové Sady. Photo: Czech Police.

Brno, May 13 (BD) – “The accident caused the passenger in the Mercedes to suffer injuries, and it also caused damage to the bushes and the park,” explains David Chaloupka, a spokesman from the South Moravian Police Department.

The police are currently investigating the accident, which happened on May 5, after 9 PM. The traffic cameras caught the speeding Mercedes [starting from 00:16 in the video], which drove on the tram tracks.

At one point, the vehicle was driving towards oncoming traffic, right before losing control. The driver failed in keeping up with the street’s curve, causing him to crash into the park next to a city hall office.

“We request that the witnesses in these vehicles, and other witnesses present at the scene, to contact the police on 776231906. Witnesses can provide key information, and can help clarify the accident,” says Chaloupka.
Video: Czech Police / YouTube

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