Eighth NdB Choreography Workshop To Feature Young Dance Talent

The latest choreography workshop of the National Theater of Brno revolves around the number seven: 7 stories / 7 inspirations / 7 ideas / 7 images / 7 choreographies from 7 authors. Photo credit: NdB.

Brno, Apr 2 (BD) – The eighth year of the National Theatre of Brno’s ballet workshop, “Choreografický ateliér”, will feature seven pieces from seven different choreographers from the NdB Ballet ensemble. This year the workshop will feature contributions not only from debutants trying their skills for the first time, but also from more experienced choreographers who will participate in the workshop.

The primary purpose of these workshops is thus to showcase the young choreography talent within the ensemble. After all, the future of ballet depends on high-quality creativity, not only interpretation.

Come and see how the young dancers’ improvisations are composed gradually, and become more sophisticated expressive creations. The premiere is in Reduta theater on Friday, April 5, with a second performance on April 6.

The motto of the event is “No Prejudice – Enjoy Ballet!”. More info here.

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