Spring is Here: Sunny, Longer Days, and Daylight Savings

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring – meaning that we will now have longer days, which will most likely be sunny.Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Mar 21 (BD) – Weather forecasts show that this weekend, Brno will experience warm and sunny days, with highs of up to 17°C.

According to statistics from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), from data collected between the 1981-2010, average temperature in the Czech Republic for the last half of March until the middle of April is 6°C.

Throughout the years, when comparing the data collected starting from the year 1951, the lowest average temperature for this period of time was 1.2°C in 2013, and the highest average temperature was 9.5°C in 1974.

According to CHMI, the temperature throughout the country, until mid-April, will be higher than the recorded average. March and April are also known to be the windiest months for Brno.

Up until the end of March, Brno will be expecting more sunny than rainy days – with only a few days having short periods of light rain, and the lowest temperatures during the day to be around 10°C.

Of course, one cannot forget that with spring comes daylight saving time. On March 31, our smartphone clocks will automatically move an hour forward. Don’t forget to adjust the time on your wall clocks!

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