Council Approves Extensive Changes to Parking Zones and Charges in City Centre

Councillors approved the new plans at a meeting on Wednesday. The new regulations are expected to come into force in the autumn. Image: MMB.

Brno, Mar 20 (BD) – According to the new plans, the city will be divided into red, green and blue zones. Zone A, the red zone, will correspond to the current city centre zone, and parking will be available for 40 crowns per hour, with the first 30 minutes per day free.

Zone B, the green zone, will form a ring around the city centre bound by Šumavská, Hrnčířská, Pionýrská, Drobného, ​​Traubova, Francouzská, Cejl, Vlhká, Úzká, Poříčí, Křížová, Mendlovo náměstí, Úvoz and Veveří, with parking available for 30 crowns per hour. Both of these zones will be regulated 24 hours a day.

“This is just the first proposal for the new residential parking system, which will still have to go through the approval procedures. It is expected to enter into force in autumn,” Brno Municipality spokesman Filip Poňuchálek explained to Brno Daily.

Residential Parking only on Working Days, Zone C Paid only at Night

Zone C, the blue zone, will comprise all other areas, and parking will be free of charge during the day, and 20 crowns per hour between 5pm and 6am. In Zones B and C the first hour of parking per calendar day will be free. Parking regulations will only apply on working days. “The fee for parking in Zone C, the blue zone, has been introduced to ensure residents will find parking upon their return home from work in the evening,” added Poňuchálek.

Charges for residential and commuter parking permits (“rezidenti” and “abonenti”) will also be adjusted. Residential permits will cost CZK 200 for the first car, rising to CZK 8,000 for a second car and CZK 12,000 for a third. Commuter parking permits will cost CZK 4,000 for the first car, and CZK 18,000 for each additional car.

Eligibility requirements for both residential and commuter parking permits will remain as before; residents must have a permanent residence or property in the zone, and companies must have their headquarters in the zone. The permits are only required for Zones A and B.

A New Long-term Visitor Permit, Payments via SMS and Mobile Apps

A new long-term visitor parking permit will also be introduced, which can be used between 6am and 5pm in Zone B. This permit will cost CZK 400 per week, 1,200 per month, or 12,000 per year.

According to Petr Kratochvíl, Councillor for Transport: “In conjunction with the changes to the system, new methods of payment will be introduced for visitor parking, via SMS and mobile apps. Other payment areas will then be gradually introduced across the city, taking into account the needs of transport organization as well as the views of residents in the affected districts. We will announce the exact schedule for introducing future changes to the system within fourteen days.”

Image: Map of New Residential Parking Zones in Brno. Source: MMB.

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