Undelivered Mail by Two Postmen Found in the Garbage at Brno-Řečkovice

Two postmen from Czech Post found an easy and illegal way to earn extra money. After stealing and throwing away to be delivered mail and packages, the former postmen are currently being prosecuted by the Police of the Czech Republic. Photo credit: @Brnodaily.

Brno, Feb 28 (BD) – The two postmen – aged 31 and 35 – caused an inconvenience both for the widely used postal service of the country, Czech Post, as well as for the people who have not received their mail and packages. After stealing a large sum of money from the postal service and not fulfilling their responsibilities, they are facing charges for embezzlement and violation of confidentiality.

The postmen were working in Kuřim, Brno-venkov. Over the span of three months, they collected almost CZK 150,000 from the mail that they delivered for “cash on delivery”, which they did not give to Czech Post. To make matters worse, they often did not deliver the other kinds of mail which included ordinary mail, and consignments.

Bohumil Malášek, a spokesperson for the South Moravian department of the Police of the Czech Republic, said, “The undelivered mail and packages were put in a sack, and then thrown away in a trash container at Brno-Řečkovice. There, the undelivered consignments were discovered by the waste collectors.”

“The men are now being prosecuted for breaking the confidentiality of the letters which were sent via mail, and for embezzling from Czech Post,” Malášek added yesterday.

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